Julia Davis Park Idaho

Julia Davis Park is a municipal park located in downtown Boise, Idaho. The land for the park was donated by Thomas Jefferson Davis. This is the first park in the String of Pearls, a group of parks along the Boise River. The String of Pearls was established in 1977, but the name was changed to reflect its original meaning: the “string” is a resemblance to the shape of a string. Julia Davis Park The park is the city’s oldest park. Thomas and Julia Davis donated 43 acres of land in 1907 to the city as a memorial to their late wife, who had died of typhoid in 1868. Other features of the park include the Abraham Lincoln Statue, the Children’s Cancer Pavilion, the Bandshell, and the Julia and Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivor Plaza. Parking is limited and patrons must make reservations.

Visit Julia Davis Park in Boise, Idaho

The park was named for the wife of a Boise civic leader. The park is a centrally located green space with beautiful landscaping and a variety of outdoor recreation options. It’s surrounded by Capitol Boulevard to the west, Broadway Avenue to the east, and Myrtle Street to the north. The park is also home to a black history museum. Once you’ve visited Julia Davis, consider visiting the other sites in the city. The Julia Davis Park has many attractions. Its landscaped gardens and scenic river access make it a popular destination for families. The park includes a rose garden and a playground. There is also a tennis court and a pond for paddle boat rentals. The Julia Davis Park is the perfect spot for a family picnic or a romantic evening out. It is also the perfect place to relax and get some fresh air. Once you’re finished walking around the park, make sure to grab a drink at the bar and enjoy it. The Julia Davis Park is the oldest park in the city. It is also the largest park in the city. It is home to a rose garden, an Abraham Lincoln Statue, and many other attractions. It is also home to the Boise Art Museum, which is a free public museum. There are many events and activities at Julia Davis, so take your time and explore it! You’ll be glad you did! You’ll never want to leave. The Julia Davis Park is the oldest and largest municipal park in Boise. It was donated by Thomas Jefferson in 1907 as part of a general development plan. In the 1930s, it was expanded to include the Boise Zoo. In addition to the Julia Davis Park, the area is home to the city’s three other “String of Pearls” parks. The Capitol Boulevard Memorial Bridge is located next to the park. These structures are located along the river and are open to the public.
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